Building a learning log with Python

By Brad Lazaruk, Tue 27 June 2023, in category Lifelong learning

learning, python

Since I started using Coursera and edX back in 2014, I’ve completed a lot of courses. I still have many more that I’d like to complete.

Keeping a list of these was easy enough with bookmarks. But then I came across a page on the website of Sébastien Lavoie, What it took to propel a career in tech in five years. Sébastien and I both attended the University of London Bachelor of Computer Science programme, and I thought his listing of what education and learnings he had completed was a great idea. Not only that, but Sébastien’s site and my own are both based in Pelican … so basically I decided to fork his idea to list all my learnings in a spreadsheet and write some code to convert that to markdown. (… one day I should look into his code and update my own. :-) )

There is a lot more work that I want to do on this, especially before I post the code on GitHub. But the output so far is giving me what I wanted, separate lists of queued learning, in progress learning, and completed learning.

Thanks for the inspiration Sébastien.