Fixing my Pelican to display images

By Brad Lazaruk, Fri 02 September 2022, in category Web development

GitHub, Netlify, Pandoc, Pelican, Python

I found that the Pelican site theme I was using was automatically expanding images to 100% width, which I didn’t want to have. I also wanted to use captions on my images.

Thanks to Joe Lotz I was able to sort this out.

This involved switching from the Pelican provided Python Markdown to Pandoc Markdown. This adds a whole bunch more Markdown functionality to the site.

  1. Add Pandoc and the Pelican Pandoc reader to your environment.
python -m pip install pandoc
python -m pip install pelican-pandoc-reader
  1. Update your requirements.txt so the deployments to other environments, like Netlify when this is published, also do this.
pip freeze > requirements.txt
  1. I wanted to extend the site CSS to use my own CSS file. But I also wanted to not make a lot of changes to the source CSS of the theme if possible. So I created a new CSS file under /theme/static/css and then updated /theme/templates/base.html and added my css file in last. I also had to edit the file and change the line NEST_CSS_MINIFY = True to NEST_CSS_MINIFY = False; without this change the minified css file is used instead and my custom css is ignored.
  2. Now I was able to comment out the width: 100% and height: 100% from nest.css, and add the captioning CSS that I wanted to use to lazaruk.css.

This also served as a good reminder that css settings for images override the settings on individual images. Because I wanted to use the individual settings to define image size I needed comment those out of the css completely.