Moving to Linux, Issues and Lessons Learned

By Brad Lazaruk, Fri 05 July 2024, modified Sun 14 July 2024, in category Development

Dash to Dock, Linux, Pop!_OS

Of course when moving from over 30 years of using Windows to a Linux system, I made a few mistakes and had to look up a few things.

Updates to the dock

In playing around with various dock extensions I found that my default dock had a delay of 3-5 seconds between an app being launched or closed and the icon being added or removed from the dock. I figured that since the Pop!_OS dock is a customised version of Dash to Dock, and I had installed that extension, I had probably corrupted something. Research led me here, which may have fixed the problem. I also went back to the gnome extensions site and disabled the “Ubuntu AppIndicators” extension, even though it says that extension does nothing and it seems to automatically re-enable itself. This action appeared to fix the problem but in hindsight that doesn’t really make sense to me and further testing would be required.

Loss of right-mouse click

After a reboot one day I found that my right-mouse button was not working on the desktop or in the default file manager. It worked in my browser, other file managers, and most other applications. I’ve yet to find out exactly which setting, but using the Gnome-Tweaks application was the problem. Doing a “result to default values” in there and then logging out-in re-enabled the functionality.


Doesn’t work very well when the graphics are set to nVidia mode. Seems to work fine in integrated and hybrid mode, although then I wouldn’t be able to use the external monitors.