About Me

This is the private website of Brad Lazaruk.

Currently by day I work for a major IT provider, although I am very open to new opportunities now since I’ve been informed that I’m no longer needed there. This is all very currently happening for me, so I’m just getting up to speed on updating this site in response to being available for work again. Please see LinkedIn for now for access to my job history and resume.

By night I am usually working on a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, offered by the University of London.

I post things here so that I can say that I have. Usually that’s the only reason.

No, the domain is not for sale. Yes, I realize I’m wasting its potential.

I used to argue on Twitter a lot. Probably too much.

Let’s say it was too much.

Anyway, Twitter, as you likely know, is irritating. So I rebooted my account there recently. I might clean out and reopen the old account. I might not. Who knows.

The articles on this website represent the personal views of the author. In no way are these views representative of the views of my employers, companies that I own or for whom I provide services. Any comments on articles are the views of that person alone, and their inclusion on this site does not constitute endorsement or approval on the part of Brad Lazaruk.

The owner of this site reserves the right to remove or refuse to publish comments, most especially those that are hostile, fraudulent or inflammatory. The owner also reserves to the right to remove or refuse to publish comments that have such poor spelling and/or grammar that the owner cringes when reading them.

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